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Chuck Helm: Full-time Performing Arts Director, Part-time Soccer Prognosticator

Wed, Jun 25, 2008
Most people know Chuck Helm as the Wexner Center's Director of Performing Arts, but he's also a soccer fanatic. With that in mind, we asked him to send us a few of his UEFA 08 picks for the finals and semi-finals. His answers are below (we also take no responsibility if you bet the family vacation fund on any of these).

Germany vs. Turkey:
Germany....they're a powerhouse team and Turkey's injury and foul problems are too much of a issue to overcome.

Russia vs. Spain:
This is tougher call...but I think Spain will prevail. Striker combo of David Villa and Fernando Torres is very impressive.

Germany...overall better team defensively and their level of experience will be the difference.

So what say you, blog-reader? Agree with Chuck? Disagree? Post your soccer picks below.
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