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iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook Integration into Wexner Center Calendar

Mon, Apr 20, 2009
Last week we quietly launched iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook support to all of our events on the Wexner Center website. There are several ways you can now add our events into your favorite calendar of choice:

By Single Event
You can go to a single event on our site and add it to your calendar.

By Category
Want to add all of the performing arts programming to your calendar? You'll find subscription links at the bottom of all of our category pages (such as performing arts, exhibitions, film, and public programs). Once you subscribe to them, your calendars will automatically be updated with new events as we add them.

By Series
You can even drill down by specific series. Perhaps you're only interested in Visiting Filmmakers in our film department. You can click on that subscription link on the bottom of that particular series page.

You'll also notice a question mark next to the subscription links. They take you to this page, which lists all the known working calendar applications as well as a drop down form which allows you to subscribe to categories without having to click all around the site.

Big thanks to our student Alex Ford in the web offices for making this happen. Feel free to post feedback in the comments.