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Looking Backwards

Fri, Oct 9, 2009

Ray Lee's Siren at the Wexner Center

Here at the Wexner Center it seems like we are always trying to get you to look ahead to our next exhibition, performance, concert, film, lecture—you name it. But now that the fall is in full swing, we wanted to offer up a chance to look back (can you believe it?). Our annual report is now available online as an expanded chronical of the year from July 2008 to June 2009 (our fiscal year).

You can read an overview by our eloquent director, Sherri Geldin, and comments (some witty, some warm) from a whole bunch of visitors, members, fans, artists, and colleagues. Listen to podcast interviews with our curators. Browse through an album of photographs. Or download a PDF version of our always elegantly designed Year in Review publication. The 2008-09 edition is titled Now Transmitting, and it's filled with pictures and memories of Andy Wahol, of course, but much more too, including two of my own choices as most memorable: the series of films and installations by visiting filmmaker Phil Solomon we hosted in October 2008 and the sound installation by British composer and artist Ray Lee we presented on Mershon Stage in January 2009.

Take a look and see if we've caught your favorites. (Then get your tickets for Numero's Eccentric Soul Revue, the visiting filmmaker presentations by Janie Geiser, Marie Losier, and Robert Beavers, or your choice of other events that are still to come.)

Jane B. par Agnès V.

See iconic actress Jane Birkin through the eyes of filmmaker Agnès Varda in a special double feature on Saturday, October 10. 

The Decline of Western Civilization

Don't miss your chance to see filmmaker Penelope Spheeris introduce her iconic The Decline of Western Civilization on Friday, October 23—get your tickets now.