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More Voices: Keith Novicki

Mon, Feb 16, 2009
I've heard how Andy Warhol documented his life, constantly carrying some sort of camera or a tape recorder with him. But I've never experienced the results until Other Voices, Other Rooms. For the first time I was able to see these documents of Andy's day to day life: Watching David Bowie have a very awkward, forced conversation about his favorite records at the Factory while wearing a completely ridiculous hat. Watching as Andy's video diary is interrupted and he uncomfortably waits for someone to walk in and out of the room before telling the camera the doldrums of his day to day. Watching Andy ask Liza Minelli to do a cooking show with him. Funny, entertaining, and for some reason enthralling.

What seems to me to be an extension of these video diaries are the TVs (kind of like Interview magazine on television), which I didn't even know existed. Their haphazard editing, celebration of vapid fame--the drunken old-money rich talking endlessly about Russia?--and overall 1980s cable-accessness of the productions. Is it unintentionally bad or on-purpose bad or both? Is there any intention? I just couldn't get enough of them. For me these shows are Andy at his best.

The exhibition was a joy to see.

Keith Novicki
Graphic designer, artist, musician, Columbus