Photos: Jennifer Reeder Production Notes

Tue, Jul 24, 2007

The cast and crew of Accidents at Home and How They Happen have been working long days shooting and blogging has been the last thing on our minds. Here are a few photos from July 10th, the second day of shooting:

We shot the police station scene in the morning. Assistant Director Jamie Boyle and I are eliminating a moire pattern on a desk chair while Jennifer and Tatiana rehearse.

Jennifer and I set up a shot in the police station.

The costume party scene was shot in the evening. The clown, the hotdog, and the zombie bride are all cast members with speaking parts.

In this shot I am moving an extra (who also happens to be Daniel, our Production Assistant) into position in the background of a shot. There was a specific spot where he needed to stand and it was easier for me to guide him into the exact position instead of telling him where to stand.

We wrap shooting later this week and I will be posting photos from the shoot throughout the next few weeks. – Mike Olenick, Art & Tech Studio Editor

Photos by Jonathan Cole

Jean Dubuffet, Vaches au pre (Cows in a meadow), 1954

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