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Sports, Gender, and Identity: An Exploration through Writing and Video

Mon, Apr 19, 2010
One of the goals of teacher programs at the Wexner Center is to allow educators to work across multiple disciplines. They are given the opportunity to experience what it might be like to integrate the arts into classroom curricula. During our most recent workshop, educators Liv Gjestvang and R. A. Bennett guided teachers in exploring writing, visual art, and digital storytelling. Participating teachers used iMovie to create short films on identity and gender, inspired by our Hard Targets exhibition. Check out examples of participants' work and read about one teacher's experiences after the jump:

A Response from Jill Reiling Markey, Ph.D., Columbus City Schools:
My workshop experience merely confirmed the age-old saying about a picture's worth... Adding my voice-over, the pictures based on my feelings, inspirations, and aspirations told my story about sports. My pictures became more personal. A movie was made about ME. With this digital storytelling process of writing along with photos, I can see my students become more excited about making their own movies and making an extended connection with the art of photography. Bravo. Who said art didn't involve reading and writing?

Participant Videos: