Battleship Potemkin


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Battleship Potemkin

Sergei Eisenstein, 1925

Film History 101

As our film heritage becomes more and more digitized, it is harder and harder for audiences to see important films in the manner in which they were originally meant to be presented: in a theater, on film, with an audience. Film History 101 is our modest attempt to keep this tradition alive. Once a month, we'll present a selection that transcends "classic" status to that of "essential"—films that are widely recognized as among the greatest the art of moving pictures has to offer.


Many classic films are just as powerful today as when they were first released. We add such films from many genres to our schedule throughout the season. Many are shown on the occasion of their rereleases, in fresh, new or restored prints.

Tue, July 19, 2011 7 PM

"What is the best picture I have ever seen? My answer is always Potemkin."—Billy Wilder

This vividly restored version of Battleship Potemkin, one of the most monumental landmarks in cinema history, has an urgency and vitality unlike any that you’ve ever seen in film class. Showing the mutiny of the crew of the armed cruiser Potemkin, the film culminates in perhaps the most famous sequence in cinema history when the Czar's ruthless White Russian cavalry arrives on the Odessa Steps to crush the people's rebellion. The stunning new 35mm print restores dozens of missing shots, all of Eisenstein's original title cards, and Edmund Meisel's definitive 1926 score! (69 mins., 35mm)

Jean Dubuffet, Vaches au pre (Cows in a meadow), 1954

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