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Hateship Loveship


Hateship Loveship

Hateship Loveship

Image courtesy of IFC Films

Hateship Loveship

Hateship Loveship

Image courtesy of IFC Films

HATESHIP LOVESHIP (2014) Official HD Trailer Premiere
Hateship Loveship

(Liza Johnson, 2013)

Introduced by Liza Johnson

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Fri, May 2, 2014 7 PM

Join us for a special advance screening of Hateship Loveship introduced by director Liza Johnson, an Ohio native whose work we’ve shown regularly at the Wex. The film provides Kristen Wiig with her most dramatic and complex role yet in a sensitive adaptation of a short story by the Nobel Prize–winning author Alice Munro.

Hateship Loveship skillfully handles a range of complicated tones and emotions as a housekeeper (Wiig), through a cruel misunderstanding, falls in love with a drug addict (Guy Pearce). Beyond Wiig and Pearce, Johnson also gets remarkable performances from the rest of the cast, including Nick Nolte, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hailee Steinfeld, and Christine Lahti. Johnson has made a wonderfully compassionate and empathetic film about people trying to figure out how they got to where they are in their lives—and where to go from there. (102 mins., DCP)

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