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Le Petit Soldat + Un Flic


Le Petit Soldat

Le Petit Soldat

Image courtesy of Rialto Pictures

Un Flic

Un Flic

Image courtesy of Rialto

Le Petit Soldat

Le Petit Soldat

Image courtesy of Rialto Pictures

Le Petit Soldat (The Little Soldier) (1963) Trailer
Dirty Money (Aka Un Flic) - Trailer
Le Petit Soldat + Un Flic

(Jean-Luc Godard, 1960) / (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1972)

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“It might have been the Zero Dark Thirty of its day if more people had actually seen it.”—Village Voice (on Le Petit Soldat)

Le Petit Soldat stars Michel Subor as a French-deserter-turned-photographer in Geneva assigned to shoot the luminous Anna Karina with his camera. And he may have some other shady assignments—involving the FLN (Algerian liberationists)—to carry out with a gun. The film marked the debut of Karina, whom Godard married in 1961, and is the source of the famous Godard quote “cinema is truth 24 times a second.” Banned in France for three years after its completion for its harrowing scenes of torture and seemingly ambivalent view of the Algerian War, Le Petit Soldat has been one of the least seen of Godard’s early films. This new print may well change that situation. (88 mins., 35mm, in French with English subtitles)

Un Flic (a cop), the final film by the great crime auteur Jean-Pierre Melville, features elaborate heist scenes and a love triangle between a world-weary cop (Alain Delon), his friend who happens to be behind the thefts (Richard Crenna), and the woman whose affections they share (Catherine Deneuve). (98 mins., 35mm, in French with English subtitles)

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