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Mamma Roma


Images courtesy of Janus Films

Mamma Roma
Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1962

Film History 101

As our film heritage becomes more and more digitized, it is harder and harder for audiences to see important films in the manner in which they were originally meant to be presented: in a theater, on film, with an audience. Film History 101 is our modest attempt to keep this tradition alive. Once a month, we'll present a selection that transcends "classic" status to that of "essential"—films that are widely recognized as among the greatest the art of moving pictures has to offer.


Many classic films are just as powerful today as when they were first released. We add such films from many genres to our schedule throughout the season. Many are shown on the occasion of their rereleases, in fresh, new or restored prints.

Tue, Mar 27, 2012 7 PM

“For those who’ve never seen Magnani in her full glory, Mamma Roma provides a fine introduction to one of the most powerfully charismatic performers in the movies.”—Dave Kehr

“A great, great movie, one of Pasolini’s best.”—Georgia Brown, Village Voice

The great actress Anna Magnani is Mamma Roma, an aging prostitute who attempts to extricate herself from her sordid past for the sake of her son. Indebted to the great tradition of Italian neorealism, Mamma Roma offers an unflinching look at the struggle for survival in postwar Italy. In only his second film, director Pier Paolo Pasolini developed his lifelong fascination with the marginalized and dispossessed and began to establish his reputation as his country’s most controversial director when the film was banned for obscenity on its release in Italy. (110 mins., 35mm)

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