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The Man Who Will Come


Images courtesy of Palisadest Tartan
The Man Who Will Come
Introduced by Dana Renga Giorgio Diritti, 2009
Fri, May 11, 2012 7 PM
Winner of eight Donatello Awards (the Italian Oscars), including Best Film, The Man Who Will Come reveals a chapter of WWII history that was rarely discussed or depicted on screen until now. From the perspective of a speechless eight-year-old girl, the powerful film portrays the Marabotto Massacre, where a ruthless campaign by German forces targeted Italian resistance fighters and a tight-knit community of farmers. Told in the region’s no longer used Bolognese dialect, the film features strong performances by two of Italy’s leading actresses, Maya Sansa (The Best of Youth) and Alba Rohrwacher (I Am Love). (115 mins., 35mm)

Renga is an assistant professor in Ohio State’s Department of French and Italian and the editor of Mafia Movies (2011).