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Midwest Premiere Nocturna


Image courtesy of Filmax International

Midwest Premiere

Ages 6 and up Adrià Garcia & Victor Maldonado, 2007, Spain

Zoom: Family Film Festival

Zoom continues for its 11th year with a fantastic assortment of acclaimed movies and entertaining events for all ages. One mission of Zoom has been to provide diverse and engrossing stories from around the world to central Ohio families. This year’s lineup is our most international yet with a film from each continent—a Zoom first! In addition to the great films, kids and families can enjoy fun and free activities together on Saturday, December 6, with our morning cereal and pajama party, hands-on crafts, and an ice cream social in the afternoon.

Sat, Dec 6, 2008 3:45 PM

"A magical blend of Monsters Inc. and Hayao Miyazaki." —Seattle International Film Festival

Ever wonder what happens at night while you're asleep? The lusciously animated film Nocturna shows what happens when one boy, Tim, who's afraid of the dark, stays up and ventures out one night while everyone else is in bed. He discovers a magical world that is unveiled after the sun goes down (including fairy "hair-dressers" who muss up everyone’s hair during the night and a "conductor" who orchestrates a symphony of creaks, buzzes, drones, and other nighttime noises).

With the aid of a creature known as The Cat Shepard, Tim helps to solve a mystery among the wondrous—and sometimes scary—nocturnal activities, and his adventures give him the confidence to overcome his fears. This film from Spain (dubbed into English) is filled with the joy of discovery and creates an inventive world in ways that recall classic children's literature and animation. Since Nocturna doesn't have American distribution at the moment, don't miss what might be your only chance to see this visually rich fairytale. (80 mins., 35mm)

Wexner Center members can attend the public Nocturna screening free as part of Member Appreciation Days. Shown your membership card at the Patron Services Desk to get your free ticket.

School Screening: Fri, Dec 5 | 12 PM Click here.


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The 2008 festival was organized by Chris Stults, assistant curator of film/video, and Dionne Custer, educator for school programs. If you would like to discuss the specifics of any film before viewing it with your child, please call Dionne Custer at (614) 292-7008.

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