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Ne Change Rien


Photo: Anders Edstrom, courtesy of Northwest Film Forum

Ne Change Rien
Pedro Costa, 2009

New Documentary

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Fri, Feb 11, 2011 7 PM
Sat, Feb 12, 2011 7 PM

Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa's latest film, Ne Change Rien (Change Nothing), is a hypnotic rumination on the creative process his friend, French actress and singer Jeanne Balibar, follows as she prepares for her 2006 album, Slalom Dame.

Balibar has been in front of the lens of such esteemed directors as Jacques Rivette, Arnaud Desplechin, and Olivier Assayas, but never as intently as in this film, set mostly in Balibar's recording studio. Costa captures the singer's arduous rehearsal practice in haunting black and white, leaving us with yet another confirmation of this director’s gift for producing transformational screen moments out of the seemingly ordinary. Costa visited the Wexner Center in February 2008 for a retrospective built around the release of his film Colossal Youth. (98 mins., 35mm)

Ne Change Rien

Made in Ohio reception

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