Small Change



Small Change

François Truffaut, 1976

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“A comedy, a romance, a mystery— in a word: childhood—captured, distilled, and transformed effortlessly from sketchbook to symphony in the hands of a master named François Truffaut.”—Wes Anderson

“The best film of 1976! Magical…Truffaut at his best.”—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

One of the most delightful films about childhood ever made, Small Change is getting a long overdue American theatrical rerelease. François Truffaut, the legendary French New Wave director, described the idea behind this most joyful of his films as showing kids “from the bottle to the first kiss.” The film offers vibrant vignettes of young people in a small town in the French countryside as they go about their routines: going to school, horsing around, going to the movies, dealing with their parents, falling in love, and so on. These small moments add up to a gentle, honest, and comic portrait of childhood itself. (104 mins., 35mm)

In 2002, when the New York Times asked Wes Anderson to participate in their “Watching Movies” series where a filmmaker talks with a reporter while watching one of their favorite movies. Anderson chose to discuss Small Change, and you can read his comments here.


No tickets remain for Columbus-based indie-folk band Saintseneca, who will celebrate their Dark Arc album release at the Wex on Apr 19.

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