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The Worst Cartoons Ever Introduced by Jerry Beck


Mighty Mr. Titan

The Worst Cartoons Ever
Introduced by Jerry Beck

Book signing at 6 PM


Fans of classic cartoons and experimental innovations can find a variety of animated film and video at the Wexner Center.

Thu, Nov 8, 2007 7 PM

Prolific cartoon historian and producer Jerry Beck visits the Wexner Center to introduce this hilarious selection of animated mishaps.

Selections for the program include episodes of Mighty Mr. Titan (the physical fitness superhero), Rocket Robin Hood (a spandex-clad space cadet), and Super President (a nuclear-powered weapon of mass destruction)…and more! Beck is the coeditor of Cartoon Brew and the author of The 50 Greatest Cartoons and the recent Hanna-Barbera Treasury and The Art of the Bee Movie. His most recent animation project, Hornswiggle, airs on Nickelodeon.