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The Pirogue
Mar 1
Film/Video Theater
In this moving, smartly observed migrant drama, the captain of a small fishing boat (a pirogue) agrees to transport 30 of his fellow Senegalese compatriots across dangerous seas in hopes of finding better lives in Spain. The desperate travelers—all men save one female stowaway—come from different...
Dark Night
Mar 2–Mar 3
Film/Video Theater
Inspired by the tragic 2012 mass shooting inside an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater, Tim Sutton’s Sundance fave Dark Night is a haunting, unsensational rumination on an America obsessed with and plagued by gun culture. Following a handful of teens leading up to and in the aftermath of a...
Wild Sounds: Program One
Mar 7
Film/Video Theater
Technology often “speaks” in the voices of women, from virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to the affectless tones of automated phone services. The various technological devices in this program, in turn, reshape what women’s voices might sound like, such as in absurd text-to-speech computer...
Stacey Steers
Mar 9
Film/Video Theater
Catch a trio of exquisitely crafted short animated works by acclaimed experimental filmmaker Stacey Steers. Showcasing her labor-intensive process that makes use of paper, collage, and found imagery, this screening features Steers’s informal trilogy that comprises Phantom Canyon (2006),...

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