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Model Shop
July 20
Film/Video Theater
One of the great films about LA, Model Shop stars Gary Lockwood (2001: A Space Odyssey) as a down-and-out architect who falls for a French knockout (played by Anouk Aimée, reprising her role from Demy’s first feature, Lola). He tracks her down at a shop where men can photograph the models of their...
July 20
Mershon Auditorium
This landmark concert film captures the eponymous 1972 concert at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, organized by Stax Records to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the 1965 riots in LA’s Watts neighborhood.
The Fly
July 25
Film/Video Theater
A perfect mix of black comedy and grotesque seriousness, the original version of The Fly sees a scientist’s matter-transference experiment go wrong, and he ends up swapping his head and arm with a fly’s head and wing (and vice versa).
The Driver
July 27
Film/Video Theater

One of numerous, star-studded disaster films of the 1970s, Juggernaut is a race-against-time thriller in which a madman has placed bombs aboard a transatlantic ocean liner, threatening to detonate them if his ransom isn’t paid. Directed by Richard Lester (A Hard Day’s Night)...

Bronx Gothic
July 28–July 29
Film/Video Theater
Writer, performer, and choreographer Okwui Okpokwasili is one of the most dynamic stage presences in the contemporary performing arts world, both through her solo work and her involvement with Ralph Lemon, Julie Taymor, Young Jean Lee, and Richard Maxwell.

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