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Seasons, courtesy Music Box Films
Dec 2–Dec 3
Film/Video Theater

The directors of the international hit Winged Migration return with the majestic Seasons. The captivating and ambitious film captures the changes to the natural world from the last Ice Age to the present day. With awe-inspiring images, the movie conveys the amazing moment...

Zoom participants, 2015.
Cereal and Pajama Party
Dec 3

Begin the weekend by staying in your PJs and heading off to Zoom for free cereal before watching Saturday shorts on the big screen! Hosted by Heirloom Café.

Feb 10
Film/Video Theater

Time has been kind to Sorcerer. Released the same year as Star Wars, the film fizzled out commercially and was seen as an expensive flop. But over the decades, its many champions have made a case for it as being Friedkin’s masterpiece. Remaking Henri-Georges Clouzot’s classic...

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