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Fire at Sea
Jan 24
Film/Video Theater

In the first documentary to win the Berlin International Film Festival’s top award, acclaimed filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi offers powerful, intimate insight into the migrant crisis and its impact on the Mediterranean. Set in the once-tranquil Italian island Lampedusa, now a major entry point for...

Doctor, Beware
…and the Wild Women
Jan 26
Film/Video Theater

A charming comedy from neorealist titan De Sica, Doctor, Beware stars the great director as a pediatrician fending off advances from a number of women, including the scene-stealing Magnani as a gold-digging showgirl. (92 mins., 35mm) The gripping prison drama …and the Wild Women...

The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger
Jan 27
Film/Video Theater

“An essential document of an exemplary intellect, one who has as much to impart to the 21st century as he did to the 20th.”—New York Times

John Berger’s longtime friend Tilda Swinton calls him “a radical humanist,” which is much more efficient than calling him a brilliant...

Under the Sun
Jan 28
Film/Video Theater

“A filmmaking coup.”—Los Angeles Times

After years of persistent negotiations, the Russian filmmaker Vitaly Mansky was given permission by the North Korean government to make a film about a young girl as she prepares to join the Children’s Union (the youth division of the...

I Am Not Your Negro
Feb 16–Feb 18
Film/Video Theater

“You’ll spend a kaleidoscopic and transporting 90 minutes living inside James Baldwin’s mind, coming thrillingly close to his existential perception of the hidden meaning of race in America.”—Variety

As vital a film as you’ll find in recent years, I Am Not Your Negro...

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