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Africa Fusion

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Mar 31

Each year, the Banff Mountain Film Festival presents the world’s most creative and inspiring outdoor adventure films—and, like last year, we’ve got twice the excitement, with two nights and two separate programs.



Apr 2

“Easily the most rigorous, vital and powerful movie of 2014.”—Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

Almost There

Almost There

Apr 3

“A strong and original film, and one you will respond to.”—Steve James (Life Itself, Hoop Dreams)



Apr 8

Matías Piñeiro initiated his Shakespeare cycle with Rosalinda, a beguiling variation on As You Like It; Viola is Piñeiro’s breakthrough film and a delightfully inventive meditation on Twelfth Night.

Carl Hubbell

Rare Baseball Films: The Newsreels

Apr 10

Just in time for baseball season, Rare Baseball Films returns for its 12th year.