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The Peddler and the Lady
Jan 19
Film/Video Theater

One of the most beloved Italian films, Bellissima stars Magnani as a working-class mother who will sacrifice anything—including the family’s meager finances—to turn her young daughter into a movie star. (108 mins., 35mm) In the delightful comedy The Peddler and the Lady,...

Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes and Brazilian Cinema Past and Present
Jan 20
Film/Video Theater

Join us for a spirited panel discussion addressing Gomes’s legacy and the forthcoming new translation of his work, Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes: On Brazil and Global Cinema, with coeditors Maite Conde, University Lecturer in Brazilian Studies, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Jesus...

O Cangaceiro
Jan 20
Film/Video Theater

Set in Brazil’s northeast plains in the 19th century, O Cangaceiro follows a bandit who falls for the young schoolteacher that his gang of marauders has just kidnapped. Inspired by American westerns, the film was produced by Vera Cruz, an ambitious but short-lived studio that...

Zero for Conduct
Jan 21
Film/Video Theater

First published in France in 1957, Gomes’s Jean Vigo was the first book-length study of the revered French director, who completed only four films in his short life. Drawing on Vigo’s own boarding-school years, the poetic featurette Zero for Conduct follows four boys who plan...

I Am Not Your Negro
Feb 16–Feb 18
Film/Video Theater

“You’ll spend a kaleidoscopic and transporting 90 minutes living inside James Baldwin’s mind, coming thrillingly close to his existential perception of the hidden meaning of race in America.”—Variety

As vital a film as you’ll find in recent years, I Am Not Your Negro...