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Feb 22
Film/Video Theater

The husband and wife team of Amy Heller and Dennis Doros, cofounders of Milestone Film & Video, have been tireless champions of film preservation and independent cinema. To kick off Cinema Revival, they introduce the recent restoration of Shoes, an early masterpiece by...

Animation Restoration at Walt Disney Studios
Feb 23
Film/Video Theater

Walt Disney Studios’ Theo Gluck explores how the animation giant preserves and restores its cinematic treasures that span some 90 years. Explore the early days of Technicolor, discover the arrival of widescreen formats, and learn how all of these technologies are brought into the modern age,...

Wild Sounds: Program One
Mar 7
Film/Video Theater
Technology often “speaks” in the voices of women, from virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to the affectless tones of automated phone services. The various technological devices in this program, in turn, reshape what women’s voices might sound like, such as in absurd text-to-speech computer...

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