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Wexner Center for the Arts

Past Events

Program Three
Shaker Heights: The Struggle for Integration
Homecoming...Sometimes I am haunted by memories of red dirt and clay
Ralph Ellison's "King of the Bingo Game"
Fri, Sept 21, 2001 7 PM
Film/Video Theater
On Aspects of Tropicalism Fri, Sept 21, 2001 1:30 PM
Film/Video Theater
Helio Oiticica: Quasi-cinemas Tue, Sept 18, 2001Sun, Dec 30, 2001
Johan van der Keuken: From The Body and the City
In collaboration with Jeroen de Vries
Tue, Sept 18, 2001Sun, Dec 30, 2001
Program Two
Greener Grass: Cuba, Baseball, and the United States
The New Ball Game
True-Hearted Vixens
Fri, Sept 14, 2001 7 PM
Film/Video Theater
Program One
Run Like a Girl
And Baby Makes Two
Leona's Sister Gerri
Fri, Sept 7, 2001 7 PM
Film/Video Theater
Outdoor Music & Film Revival Fri, July 27, 2001 9 PM
Wexner Center Plaza
Franz West: 2Topia Fri, July 20, 2001Thu, July 31, 2003
You Walk Sat, Apr 21, 2001 8 PM
Mershon Auditorium
Man with a Movie Camera

Be here Monday, September 14 as Alloy Orchestra takes the stage in our Film/Video Theater to accompany a restoration of Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera.

Fall 2015 preview

Tickets are now available for our knockout fall season—this is one you won't want to miss.