Wexner Center for the Arts

Oneohtrix Point Never


"A stunning example in the evolution of an artistic premise and a flawless embodiment of emotive responses to sound."—Tiny Mix Tapes

Vanguard electronic music composer Daniel Lopatin’s most recent release under the banner of Oneohtrix Point Never, R Plus Seven—his first for the iconic electronica label Warp—displays new dimensions in his ascension as one of the leading lights of today’s scene. Here Lopatin utilizes the bright crystalline textures of early computer music and synth-pop, along with stacked layers of ecstatic, trance-inducing repeated sequences reminiscent of electronic music pioneers like Terry Riley, morphing these elements into futuristic sound vistas that are strictly 21st century. OPN distinctly embraces sounds with an enveloping sense of beauty and an emotional sweep that is rare in the often icy extraterrestrial terrain of electronica. For this special program, OPN teams up with noted San Francisco–based visual artist Nate Boyce, who will create a mesmerizing, hallucinatory live video mix to perfectly complement the captivating sound pictures OPN generates. Don’t miss this special concert by these extraordinary collaborators intent on shaping futuristic digital art for our time.

Note: this show standing room only.