Wexner Center for the Arts

Miranda July: New Society

Thu, Nov 20, 2014 8 PM
Capitol Theatre at the Riffe Center

“An innovative theatrical experiment that illustrates the myriad ways societies form, cohere, change, fracture, and maybe persevere over time. Or you could describe it as a whimsical excursion into make-believe. You’d be on solid ground either way.”—Boston Globe

Over the Wexner Center’s history, we’ve not only introduced new names and important innovators in all fields, but have also enjoyed seeing key artists evolve. In particular, artists supported through the center’s Artist Residency Award program are often welcomed back so our audiences can see their latest ideas unfold. Performer, writer, and filmmaker Miranda July is such an artist: she received creative residency support from our film/video department early on and brought her singular performance works here as well. Now on the occasion of our 25th Anniversary Season, we’ve invited her to bring us all into the heart of her latest performance project, New Society.

Forward-thinking as ever, July’s new work is a delightful interactive immersion into the current state of our social contract and a wry group exercise to redraft key clauses for the future. Blending fiction and real life with wit and insight, New Society intertwines the histories and ideas of the audience as July orchestrates a chronicle of time, love, and group faith into a playful synthesis of what is possible given two hours and a room full of strangers. Her disarming humor sets the tone as we come together to find the highest common denominator and develop new regard for how we collectively navigate this thing called life with the best of intentions.

As the Wexner Center looks ahead to forging fresh pathways to engage you in the coming decades, we first look, as always, to inventive artists to show us the way it’s done. Join in to welcome Miranda July back to the Wexner Center, as she cleverly lures us into affirming our citizenship in New Society and willingly pledging allegiance to the enduring spirit of creative enterprise.