Wexner Center for the Arts

Roger Beebe

Wed, Oct 8, 2014 7 PM
Film/Video Theater
Performance Space

Join us for a lively screening and discussion with filmmaker Roger Beebe, a new faculty member of Ohio State’s Department of Art. Beebe regularly shows his work around the globe, including such unlikely places as the McMurdo Station in Antarctica and the CBS Jumbotron in Times Square. The first half of tonight’s program focuses on Beebe’s recent videos, including the award-winning Historia Calamitatum (2014), which shows that “it’s alright to cry—and sometimes it’s better than all right.” The program continues with a number of multiprojector films, culminating with Last Light of a Dying Star (2008), an elaborate work made for eight projectors that is a tribute to both the excitement of the early days of space exploration and the utopian aspirations of expanded cinema. Plan for other surprise films and a memorable evening as we welcome Beebe to Columbus! (approx. 80 mins.; video, 16mm, and super-8mm)

Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Department of Art.