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Here We Go Magic

Performing Arts


Here We Go Magic
with Super Desserts


This popular series introduces young indie scene music innovators in our intimate black box venues and welcomes breakout bands to larger theaters.

Tue, Mar 29, 2011 9 PM

"Ethereal collage of indie folk, Baroque pop, Plains country (and whatever else strikes their fancy)."—All Music Guide

Brooklyn's Here We Go Magic's hypnotic mix of elements from psychedelic folk-rock to ambient grooves has captured listeners worldwide. Led by Luke Temple, the band enchants with acoustic melodies that underscore spiraling loops. Its stream-of-consciousness approach juxtaposes lo-fi jaggedness with more polished sections of sculpted sound. Evoking a soaring sense of wonder, Here We Go Magic creates clouds of sonic marvels that hold up under close examination as they wash over you in waves.

Super Desserts, a Columbus band whose dreamy folk pop draws inspiration from seventies' soft rock, sad old French songs, and the plaintive mountain tunes of the Carter Family, open the show. Their sound features an array of instruments including banjo, bass clarinet, cello, glockenspiel, piano, sitar, violin, and viola.

Here We Go Magic - "Collector"

Man with a Movie Camera

Be here Monday, September 14 as Alloy Orchestra takes the stage in our Film/Video Theater to accompany a restoration of Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera.


Join us Thursday, September 10 for a Next@Wex double bill featuring Tyondai Braxton and Clark, two innovators in the experimental electronica scene.