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Lyon Opera Ballet Ravel

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Lyon Opera Ballet
Photo: © G. Amsellem

Lyon Opera Ballet

Tue, Apr 23, 2002 8 PM

"The Bolero by Meryl Tankard is astonishing, superb."--Le Figaro

Lyon Opera Ballet, one of Europe's foremost modern repertory companies, returns to the Wexner Center with three exciting contemporary works all set to music by the great French composer Maurice Ravel. Highlighting the program is Bolero, choreographed by rising star Meryl Tankard, whose boldly original Furioso (for her Australian Dance Theatre) amazed its Wexner Center audience in 1999.

For Bolero, Tankard has created an extraordinary visual treat, an intricate, magical shadowplay whose jubilant verve matches the musicÌs spirited crescendo. You'll savor the results as France's finest dancers join top international choreographers to create fresh takes on Ravel's stirring classics.

Presented by the Wexner Center in association with BalletMet.

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