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Owen Pallett (previously known as Final Fantasy)

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Owen Pallett
(previously known as Final Fantasy)
With Snowblink
Tue, Apr 13, 2010 9 PM
“In a word, fierce—it can engage you on a level most albums can't.”—Pitchfork on Pallett’s debut, Has a Good Home

With his recent, romantically inclined Domino release Heartland, Canadian singer, violinist, and one-man band Owen Pallett has dropped his video game–inspired stage name Final Fantasy. But whatever he calls himself, Pallett’s songs are a triumph, with “the best lyrics of the year” (Village Voice) riding on exquisitely layered loops and the kind of entrancing string arrangements that bands like Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, and Beirut have commissioned from Pallett for their own recordings. Fans of those bands take note: you’ll want to be there for Owen Pallett, too.

Here’s more from Pitchfork on Pallet and his new album: “I've never known anyone not to be wowed by Final Fantasy's live show, and Final Fantasy's live show is just Owen Pallett: the guy himself, a violin, and a loop pedal. It's about as solo as anything gets—a performance, not a project. Stepping out under his own name feels like an acknowledgement of this, as if Pallett's ready to cast aside the modesty of having a ”project”—it's just this thing I've been working on—and present himself, fully upright, as an artist.”

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