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You Walk

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Bill T. Jones

You Walk

Bill T. Jones
Bill T. Jones

Sat, Apr 21, 2001 8 PM

ÏLithe, exquisite, athletic bodies hurl through space and evolve like sculpture.ÓÛNew York Post

Remarkable grace and potent artistry. Powerful choreography linked to poetic themes and striking insights. This is what youÌve come to cheer as youÌve witnessed the evolution of Bill T. JonesÌs dance career at the Wexner Center.

The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company returns with the artistÌs latest full-evening work. You Walk? spans oceans and historical epochs, evoking the cross-pollination of cultures between Europe, Africa, and the New WorldÛand the age-old need for a sense of place and identity amid tides of change. Music guides JonesÌs odyssey: Portuguese fado, Gregorian chants, haunting songs from the Amazon and Africa, Mozart, the blues, and opera all enrich the sonic tapestry. History foreshadows things to come, as futuristic images created by digital media designers Paul Kaiser and Shelley Eshkar enliven the action on stage.

Here is Bill T. JonesÌs reflection on You Walk?:

ÏYou Walk? grapples with the sobering reality that when cultures come into contact with each other, inevitably something dies and something is born. Transformation is the only constant. This meeting of cultures producesÛamong other thingsÛa by-product, ephemeral, barely detectable save through the agency of poetry and art. I would call it the aura of longing. The creation of beauty or art out of the greatest of tragedies is in some manner the only way we can bear history.Ó

Presented in association with the King Arts Complex.

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