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Performing Arts

Employee of the Year
Employee of the Year
Feb 19
Performance Space
“Just when you think you might be getting a little cynical about the theatre…think about 600 Highwaymen.”—New Yorker on Employee of the Year
Rudresh Mahanthappa
Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Bird Calls
Feb 27
Performance Space
Downbeat 2015 Critics Poll Jazz Album of the Year
​Alto Saxophonist of the Year
Rising Star Best Composer of the Year...
Company Wang Ramirez
Mar 1
Capitol Theatre at the Riffe Center
“Their pieces are not only beautiful, they are socially, politically involved and exceed the borders of each performer’s personal history.”—Le Monde (Paris)
Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos
Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos
Mar 18
Performance Space
“Rightly heralded in postmodern jazz circles for the flexibility, urgency and otherworldly vision of his music.”—New York Times
Carrie Rodriguez
Carrie Rodriguez
The Sacred Heart Tour
Mar 25
Performance Space
“Fits together like honey and smoke in a warm but vibrant Texas breeze.”—AllMusic
Made in Ohio reception

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