Performing Arts

Nils Frahm
Nov 18

“Music that thrives on dovetailing melodies that can be simultaneously mesmerizing and beautiful….the infinite elasticity of sound.”—Pitchfork on Nils Frahm

Berlin-based composer Nils Frahm’s pieces for keyboards are absorbing, driving, and reflective. He draws upon the...

Miranda July
Nov 20

“An innovative theatrical experiment that illustrates the myriad ways societies form, cohere, change, fracture, and maybe persevere over time. Or you could describe it as a whimsical excursion into make-believe. You’d be on solid ground either way.”—Boston Globe

Over the...

Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band
Nov 21

"Solar Motel is some kind of masterpiece, a suite of ecstatic, spiritual psychedelia that splits the difference between unabashed classic rock thrills and a spikey avant-garde sense of adventure."—Aquarium Drunkard

Vanguard guitarist and composer Chris Forsyth’s...

Lee Konitz
Dec 5

“Feel the decades peeling away, and hear the uniquely influential tone and phrasing of one of the great performers of all jazz.”—The Arts Desk