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Performing Arts

The Cardinals

Stan’s Cafe
The Cardinals

Feb 5

“A thought-provoking, witty and hugely entertaining show.”—Roundhouse

Melissa Aldana

Melissa Aldana & Crash Trio

Feb 14

“It's not too soon to call her great….Melissa Aldana is brilliant, talented, skilled, innovative and a delight as a person and a performer….She owns the future.”—JazzTimes

Poca High School and Amos Plant, West Virginia, 2004

Erik Friedlander and Mitch Epstein
American Power

Feb 27

“These pictures question the human conquest of nature at any cost.”—Mitch Epstein on American Power

Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius

Mar 16

“Glittered with transcendent brilliance, gilded shadows do not hide the empowered dramatic turn of Perfume Genius’s Too Bright.”—PopMatters

Samita Sinha, Cipher

Samita Sinha

Mar 27

“Mesmerizing. This is fusion…in the best sense: she effortlessly, seamlessly weaves [sounds] yet keeps their distinct flavors intact.”—Time Out