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All work and no play...

Fri, Jan 25, 2008

All work and no play is just a crazy way to live your life!

After all of the hard work the docents put in leading groups in exploring our William Wegman: Funney/Strange exhibition, it was time for some fun and relaxation. Read on to learn about one docent's experience during our Winter Workshop Day.

The December Wexner Docent fun day took me back to my childhood like a field a mini vacation that was all about ME in the middle of the frantic holiday Mom-Wife-Sisterness of my life this time of year.

We were divided into two groups to be transported. Subconsciously I'd assumed we'd go by carsickness-inducing school buses, but no, we were transported (in both senses of the word) by these posh "wedding buses" parked outside Mershon. The buses had champagne leather seats, and a bar in the back with cloth napkins and bar ware. That set the tone for me, having my pumpkin turn into a carriage with horsepower. For relaxation and laughs on the short ride, we played a word game -- what super hero(ine) power would you most like to have, what's the most disgusting food you were ever served, etc.

My group went to Glass Axis first. There, 2200 degree furnaces burned brightly so we could blow glass and make balls/ornaments. After careful instruction, I got to breathe my life's air into a glass ball that will hold it forever -- or until I break it. I have always wanted to blow glass and my expectations were totally met. Seeing a glowing wad of silica and sand blown to "life" by the simple act of breathing was magical and completely satisfying.

Between art-making gigs, we went to Aladdin's in Grandview, ordered from the menu, and laughed and talked.

Next we went to Phoenix Rising to experience print making. Everything we needed was organized and laid out: tubes of colored ink for mixing and matching, drawing materials, rollers, blades, foam mats for cutting, etc. In our aprons we cooked up some great colors and designs. Then after a "hands clear" warning, the professionals ran our creations through the heavy print roller. Abracadabra! We made multicolor prints on fine paper, three for each of us. Lovely gifts to give or keep.

I felt utterly taken care of and mothered. Nice. Also, I was an artist for a day with instruction and materials and machines not normally available to me. It definitely increased my appreciation of the artists' work I tour at the Wexner.
-- Becky Lowther, Wexner Center Community Docent
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