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Antony's Holiday Cheer

Tue, Dec 16, 2008
Antony and the Johnsons might not be coming to town until February, but that doesn't stop you from injecting Antony into your holiday season. Says Pitchfork:
Singing over the pinched, woozy loops put together by Truax and co-producer Barry London are Antony Hegarty and another person with an Animal Collective connection, Kría Brekkan, formerly of Múm and currently working both solo and with her husband, Avey Tare. Their voices together, Antony's melodramatic croon and Brekkan's childlike chirp, when heard with this backing, convey a mood that's both grotesque and oddly sweet. It's like two denizens from the Island of Misfit Toys doing the best that they can. Turk Dietrich's version of "Blue Christmas" is no longer the creepiest Christmas song of 2008.
Click here to stream the song.
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