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Attention Ikea Fans

Tue, Jul 22, 2008

Love for IKEA is at an all-time high in Ohio lately since they opened a store in our state. For the fans and the obsessed, we invite you to check out Stealing Beauty, our current film screening every day, all day (for free) in our Box Theatre through the month of July.

Here's the film description:

Ever spent all day in an IKEA store? That's exactly what Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner and his family do in his newest video, Stealing Beauty.

Known for incorporating his wife and two children (ages 8 and 13) in videos that question social and political issues, Ben-Ner focuses on the family unit and domestic life in a capitalist society. He and his family literally move in to an IKEA (three actually, in New York, Berlin, and Tel Aviv) and act out their daily routines on camera—eating breakfast, reading stories before bedtime, washing dishes—all the while discussing the virtues of capitalism. (17 mins., 40 secs., video)
PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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