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Erik Pepple: A Tribute

Wed, Jul 30, 2008
Erik Pepple

Even close watchers of the Wexner Center and our programming may not know the name Erik Pepple—and frankly, he'd no doubt prefer it that way. Erik's work has never graced our galleries, screens, or stages, yet over the last five years, his consistently smart writing and spokes-personing, in his various roles within the Wexner Center's Media Relations office, has been read and seen (directly and less so) on a weekly basis by thousands. As much as we attempted to guilt him into staying with us, Erik has seen fit to pursue his Master's degree in Film at Ohio University in Athens. While we couldn't be happier knowing that someone as talented and bright as Erik will be pursuing his heart's true desire, many of us are in denial he won't be with us next week. Whether through coordinating interviews, writing press releases and weekly email messages, podcasts, or any number of sundry tasks we asked of him, Erik was always a pillar of sound judgement, professionalism, and humility, as well as and endless fountain of comedic genius, arcane trivia, and general good-guyness. I know I speak for all of us inside the Wexner Center, as well as the countless thousands of reporters, writers, and media professionals Erik has worked with over the years, when I say thanks, Erik, you will be truly missed.

-- Jerry Dannemiller, Director, Marketing and Communication, Wexner Center for the Arts

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