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GenWex Trivia Primer

Tue, Mar 23, 2010

GenWex Trivia tomorrow night promises to be our biggest yet with musical clues performed live (provided by Joe Peppercorn of The Whiles), free pizza, a cash bar, and expanded capacity.

How does it work? Teams of four gather in our Performance Space (doors are at 6 so you can check out the galleries and grab your pizza and beer before we start), and at 7 PM we begin in on three rounds of trivia from a range of general knowledge and contemporary culture topics. After the third round, the top two teams come up front for a final game-show-style lightening round. The winners walk away with both bragging rights and prizes, including four tickets to the fast-approaching mega-party Off the Grid.

What if you don't have four people to play with? Just register for the night here, and we'll pair you with a team at the event.

Trying to get a leg up on the other teams? We're doing some final tweaks to the questions but here are the themes for tomorrow night's questions:

* Semi-famous Columbus art personalities
* Harder Targets
* Famous parties in history
* Popular culture is killing us all
* Movie quote
* Twitter will save the world
* Coffee or Tea: Palin' in Comparison (no hopey changey stuff)
* I want to go to there
* Television theme song
* "Hey Lady!"
* 8th Grade Science
* Requisite category on contemporary art
* One hit wonder
* Where were you last night?
* RIP Conan O'Brien

Still more questions? Leave them in the comments. See you tomorrow!
PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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