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Last days for Susurrus

Mon, Oct 25, 2010

If you've not been to Susurrus yet, you're missing one of the most unusual theater endeavors this town has seen in a long time. You listen to the audio play on a iPod while walking through Franklin Park Conservatory and Franklin Park and pausing at sites selected by playwright David Leddy to pair with each section of the drama. The show has been extended til October 31, prompted in part by the waves of positive feedback the Wex, the Conservatory, and Leddy himself have been getting from audiences in Columbus. Here are some excerpts from the fan mail, just in case you need an extra push to get yourself there.

"I have been thinking about the production's themes/ideas since I saw it.... That is a sign of an excellent piece of theatre."—Allison Brogan, graduate student, OSU Department of Theatre

"I'm going to send as many more people as I can to it. Thanks for bringing it to Columbus."—@antiheroine

“If you live in Columbus, make sure you attend.”—@turgatory

“Really moving and a perfect use of the space. It was a masterpiece.”—@rsanford614

"Loved it! Smart, beautifully constructed piece. Great use of the conservatory setting. I'd like to see more collaborative efforts in the future."—Roy Gottlieb, DDS, Wexner Center Donor Circles member

"Our understanding of the characters, the story, and the path develop congruently.... Brilliant and tight."—Eva Ball, executive director, Glass Axis

"Susurrus is such an evocative audio play that it conjures up many feelings and thoughts about the deep connections between art and nature, love and loss.... The tapestry of dialogue and music that Leddy orchestrates is so wistful and alluring and mysterious that it rewards a second viewing—even on immediate ‘rewind.'"—Michael Grossberg, Columbus Dispatch theater critic. Read Grossberg's review blogpost at the Dispatch website.

"Thank you to the Wexner Center (and to the wonderfully insightful Chuck Helm) for bringing this stunning piece of work to Columbus and to Franklin Park Conservatory. This is one of those pivotal memories for me of an experience that I will not forget.... [It] reminded me of what a treasure Franklin Park Conservatory is today.... I was astonished at its innovation and beauty. I cannot wait to go back."—Joy Reilly. Listen to Reilly's review of the piece on the WOSU website.
PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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