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More Voices: Short Takes, Last Chances

Mon, Feb 16, 2009

We've gathered a few more "More Voices" comments about the Warhol exhibition during its last days--and we would be glad to hear from even more voices, including yours. Post a comment here, or send an email. Meanwhile, keep reading for thoughts from Bebe Miller and dance students, Mary Jo Bole, Gayle Strege, and Ann Bremner.

Dancers' Dailies
Banal / explicit / direct / natural / intimate / silly / routine / extreme of the everyday.
A lot of extreme, a lot of simplicity.--It's the order that gets you.
There's no center to the events. We provide a center by our watching/witnessing.
Embrace the tedium!
No, the camera's not zooming in, it's only me leaning forward.
Compelling and tedious at the same time, brilliantly.

Comments on Warhol's diary-making and "dailiness" from undergrads, grad students, and Prof. Bebe Miller of the dance department's two-quarter Creative Research Project course

Filmscape Fave
I LOVED the show. My fave was the Filmscape, and going through it with Mary Woronov, to hear her comments and watch museumgoers do a double-take when they heard her talk. I just wish I could have gone more times.

Mary Jo Bole
Department of Art

Fashion's Fascination
I was intrigued about the TV spots Warhol did on fashion designers, runway shows, and models. In retrospect, it seems as if he was tapping into the public's fascination with fashion and celebrity that is now available to many via cable.

Gayle Strege, Curator
Historic Costume & Textiles Collection

Try a Little Tenderness
I never thought I would be using the word "tender" to describe Andy Warhol's work. But that is exactly what kept coming to my mind while looking at some of the early drawings and films (especially Mrs. Warhola, Sleep, and Paul Swan), the Factory Diary of the drag make-up session, and the vast miscellanea of the Time Capsule. That's one tiny revevlation among many.

Ann Bremner
Editor, Wexner Center for the Arts

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