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A Preparator's Life, Part I: Marker in NYC

Mon, Sep 10, 2007
Wexner Center Assistant Preparator, Will Fugman relates tales from two installations. First, Will travels to New York City to assist with the installation of Chris Marker: Staring Back (which was at the Wexner Center this summer, curated by Bill Horrigan). Later, he relates progress from the work on installing William Wegman: Funney/Strange, opening next week at the Wexner Center.

Will Fugman writes:

In the middle of installing this huge William Wegman exhibition, the Chris Marker show from our last rotation just opened at the Peter Blum Gallery, in New York City. The show's curator, Bill Horrigan, sent me along to make sure everything went OK. The gallery is a really nice space, and the show looks great. I was there for four days last week, and the show opened on Saturday, Sept. 8th. The gallery was laid out a bit differently than our space was, so the big challenge was fitting the vast array of images into the room, while maintaining the right sequence, and the general feel and flow of the work, as it was intended. After all was said and done, I think we did it pretty well. In addition to the exhibition at the Chelsea gallery, we also hung the images from the “I Stare 2” series at the gallery's Soho space, which were shown in our exhibition, but in a smaller format. It was nice to finally see the work in that series shown like this, as well. So, if you're in New York in the next couple of months, be sure to stop by and see it for yourself!


PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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