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Tatiana Suarez-Pico: Jennifer Reeder Production Notes

Mon, Jul 23, 2007

Editor's note: Tatiana Suarez-Pico is the lead actresses in Jennifer Reeder's new film. Below are some notes she's written about the production.

My shoulders? HA!
The first day I got to Columbus somebody said to me, “This film rests on your shoulders, no pressure.” But, I don't believe that for one minute. One, I'm not a star. Two, we don't have a gazillion dollar budget. Three, it's a team effort and it would be even if one and two were true. I'm nothing without: the script, a talented director with a vision, a woman with a purpose, a first-rate DP, a great sound man, a fantastic light person, a fabulous AD and 25 actors who want this film to be effing beckoning. I don't buy that. It rests on all our shoulders. The only thing I worry about is not doing my share of the work the way I'm expected to do it. That's the only weight on my shoulders.

Fight the Power or Become It
It's slightly humorous that I have to tell myself, “This is work. This is work. This. IS. Work.” Of course, it is work, but I'm having such an amazing time “working” that I get confused and think this trip is just pleasure. I got so lucky with this script. People don't write roles like these for women of color. Or rather, people don't produce scripts like this one and cast Latinas in it. Most everything that gets produced is so fluffy and everyone gets type cast. The rule of the game is: conform to what everyone thinks you should be. To upset this system in any way makes my heart blithe.

The past two weeks went by so quick. Three more days of shooting, and it'll be a wrap for me. It's been awesome to work with Jennifer, Mike, Jamie, Darrel, John, and Erik. And, of course the other actors (24 total or so I heard). Tonight we shot my favorite scene. And, then me running in the wild. Nature and I are not one and I don't like dark places. When Jennifer asked me to keep on going further into the “nature trail” outside the apartment where we were shooting, I think I yelped involuntarily. Got an early morning tomorrow, but will write more soon. — Tatiana Suarez-Pico

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Photos by Jonathan Cole
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