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Teens on the road

Mon, Aug 22, 2011

We were recently invited to attend a conference called Teen Convening at ICA Boston from August 10 to 12! We were joined by teen programs from the Whitney Museum of American Art, Walker Art Center, Marwen, MCA Chicago, MCA San Diego, Arthouse, LAMOCA, Andy Warhol Museum, and, of course, ICA Boston. Teen educators and their teens flew in from all over the country to discuss the state of teen programming in the nation's contemporary art centers. We are very honored and excited that we were included amongst this outstanding company. For weeks before we left, we spent time together—the whole gang from all over the nation—in a chat room every Thursday night for a couple of hours discussing potential conference topics and getting to know each other. It was highly informative and connective—I love it.

Dariel Bustos, 18, soon to be a freshman at OSU joined us: “I got invited to represent the Wexner Center at a conference in Boston. I feel really honored to be considered for something like this. It's really exciting to go to Boston. I have never been there—the first thing I did when I heard about this opportunity was to Google Boston. The pictures make it seem like a really active city. It's going to be amazing.”

Khari Saffo, 17, soon to be a freshman at Denison University said: “WOOT, yeah, I cannot wait to go to Boston! The Wex team will be going to show off our teen programs and show support for teen programming nationally. I cannot wait to see the different opportunities and programs that each art center offers. I am looking forward to making new friends in other cities.”

Thank you ICA Boston for including the Wex teens!

More photos from the trip are after the jump.

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