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Valentine's Day

Tue, Feb 12, 2013

We may be biased, but with Valentine’s Day around the corner (two days, if we’re into the accuracy thing), we’re pretty sure the Wexner Center is where you’ll want to be.

Here are a few quick ways to determine if the Wexner Center is your one-stop Valentine’s Day escape (spoiler alert: all signs point to “it is”):

Question 1: Do you and/or your Valentine like music? Especially a rising indie band whose buoyant pop sound has earned comparison to Ben Folds?

Answer 1: Then find your way here to see Jukebox the Ghost. The last time we had a Valentine’s show with a rising indie band it was Vampire Weekend, and you saw what happened with those guys.

Question 2: Not so much with the music? More of a movie fan?

Answer 2: Check out Step up to the Plate, a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the legendary Bras restaurant, a hub of innovative cuisine that has been awarded three Michelin stars. This documentary, part of our Field & Screen series, is a perfect choice for the foodie or cinephile in your life. (Please note: this film starts at 7:30 PM.)

Step Up to the Plate. Image courtesy of Cinema Guild.

Question 3: So if those aren’t doing it for you, how about an acclaimed theatrical production?

Answer 3: We’ve got you covered on that as well when superlative British theater artist Tim Crouch trods our boards for his acclaimed production I, Malovolio, a comic take on Malvolio, the beleaguered steward from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Question 4: Can’t make it that night, but need a gift for the one you love (or like)?

Answer 4: The Wexner Center Store has it. Explore the Store’s unique take on Valentine’s Day standards like jewelry and watches, as well as selections of items such as a placemats, coasters, mugs, and tea towels featuring the work of artist Louise Bourgeois. Or you can work up a romantic playlist and stream it to the Vers 1Q Bluetooth Sound System or just find a loop on the Buddha Machine IV to set the mood. Or grab the gift that fits all sizes and romantic situations: a Wexner Center Store gift card.

As if all that weren’t enough, Heirloom will be open until 8 PM with a special Valentine’s menu, including a delightful new take on their always-popular bizache, a flourless chocolate dessert. Our galleries are free from 4 to 8 PM, so you can check out Christian Marclay’s 24-hour video work The Clock (which, to mark the occasion, will be open even later—until 10 PM); Towards a Light Club, a solo show by former residency artist Josiah McElheny, who explores the history of modernist utopias through kaleidoscopic projected images, narrative films, and stunning illuminated sculptures; and More American Photographs, which brings together resonant photographs of America during the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

So, time’s a-wastin’. Start making your Wex-centric Valentine’s Day plans now, and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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