Community Programs

Artist Residencies

The Wexner Center supports an annually rotating cohort of artists who have practices, interests, and connections locally, nationally, and globally. Many of the artists we work with have practices that expand beyond their own studios into neighborhoods, diasporas, and other groups with shared affinities and affiliations. While in residence, artists collaborate with the Wex on projects, facilitate programming, cultivate reciprocal engagement, and make connections throughout the community. Click here to learn more about this year’s artists in residence.

For more information, contact the Department of Learning & Public Practice at or (614) 292-6493.

Neighborhood and Community-Driven Public Art Projects and Programs

A group of people enjoy the Weinland Park Story Book

Art-making happens everywhere—even right in your own neighborhood. The Wex is interested in partnering with local communities by offering free art programming and realizing public art projects together. The Weinland Park Story Book and the Weinland Park Billboard Project are just two examples of successful previous collaborations. Other programming includes YogArts, a partnership with The Yoga Carriage @ replenish; and Wex Community Studios, off-site programming presented in partnership with the Linden Community Center, local schools, and other community-based organizations.

Share with us what artistic activities are happening in your area and how they might be amplified through a larger community-driven project, performance, or program. What resources are situated near you, such as print shops, carpenters, quilt-makers, knitters, welders, project managers, community gardens, and schools? Is there a local history that has been erased or is threatened to be erased? How might an art project in your community foster more civic engagement? These are just some of the questions we ask when thinking about new collaborations. Send your ideas to

Free Space

Free Space is a microcinema and community resource lounge that debuted in fall 2020 and continues to evolve. Stay tuned to for ongoing programming. Part of the first Free Space, our "Office Hours" program takes place four to six times a year. These one-hour gatherings offer the chance to meet with Wex programmers and special guests—in person or virtually—to ask questions, exchange ideas, make stuff, share a passage from a favorite book, or even cook in our kitchens.

Do you have a burning question or an idea to share? Call the Wex hotline anytime at (614) 813-3416. We’ll do our best to find answers or direct you to someone who might be able to help. Leave a message, and we'll respond within 24–72 hours. Texting and phone calls only, please.

Community Exhibition Tours

Accessing the wisdom and expertise of our neighbors is key in our Community Exhibition Tours program, which features local perspectives in free, guided, in-person tours or online visits to our galleries.

To learn more about our community programs, contact the Department of Learning & Public Practice at or (614) 292-6493.