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Diptych: Jockum Nordstrom and Mindy Shapero


Details of Shapero's The smoke bomb... and Nordstrom's For Once Playing Guitar
Diptych: Jockum Nordstrom and Mindy Shapero
Apr 7, 2006–Aug 6, 2006
This new exhibition series brings together works by two up-and-coming artists as in the paired images of a diptych. This time you'll see how Jockum Nordstrom and Mindy Shapero each use paper to create beguiling fantasy worlds that draw from the landscapes of their own imaginations. Swedish artist Jockum Nordstrom's graphite drawings and paper cut-out collages feature flattened compositional spaces and impossible shifts of scale that tweak our sense of what is real and what isn't. Los Angeles–based artist Mindy Shapero uses paper, wood, paint, and papier-mache techniques to make fanciful sculptures that give physical form to ineffable perceptions and experiences. Both artists tell open-ended stories through their works, whose poetic and enigmatic titles suggest additional layers of meaning. Series organized by Associate Curator Claudine Ise.

An illustrated brochure with an essay by Claudine Ise accompanies the exhibition and is available (free) at the Wexner Center during the run of the exhibition. Can't make it to the show? The brochure can also be purchased from the Wexner Center Store online.

Please note: This exhibition closes August 6, a change from the originally published date of August 13.

image credits

Mindy Shapero

The smoke bomb (exists behind your eyes and you only see it when you die and then it releases all phylogenetic memories), 2003
Wood, acrylic, and Duralar
78 x 48 x 60 in. (198.2 x 122 x 152.5 cm)
Collection of Robert Harshorn Shimshak and Marion Brenner
Photo courtesy Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles

Jockum Nordstrom

For Once Playing Guitar, 2001
Collage on paper
35 7/8 x 27 7/8 inches (88.9 x 69.9 cm)
Collection of Diane Wallace, New York
Photo courtesy of David Zwirner, New York and Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm

Installation view of Diptych
including Jockum Nordstrom's The Pedigree Composer / Stamtavlans Kompositor and Mindy Shapero's The Smoke Bomb..., 2003
Photo: Sven Kahns

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