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Wexner Center Roof Garden


Paula Hayes, digital rendering for Wexner Center Roof Garden, 2011, courtesy of the artist
Wexner Center Roof Garden
Sept 15, 2011–June 30, 2012
Stop by and see the Wex's new outdoor garden, created by landscape designer and artist Paula Hayes, on your next visit. The garden was designed and installed in conjunction with Hayes's fall 2011 exhibition in our galleries.

The garden occupies a grassy berm that sits atop the center’s Film/Video Theater, just south of the main entrance to the building and also near Maya Lin’s Groundswell (a permanent site-specific installation commissioned as part of that artist's residency in 1993). Hayes's Wexner Center Roof Garden features hardy sedum plants, grasses, and perennial plantings whose appearance and character will vary and thrive throughout all four seasons and evolve over the years. It also includes several of Hayes’s signature sculptural planters made of silicone. Footpaths allow visitors to experience the garden close-up and to peer over the concrete wall onto Lin’s Groundswell.

Hayes’s art is infused with the act of caring, elevating that ethic to the level of artistic concept. Inherent in her art is an agreement between the artist and her works’ owners to nurture each one responsibly. The Wexner Center and the university are taking on that responsibility for the Wexner Center Roof Garden. Volunteers and staff from Ohio State's Chadwick Arboretum assisted with the garden's installation. The university's Facilities Operations and Development department also assisted with the installation and is providing ongoing expertise.

The effortless beauty of Hayes’s design belies the complexity involved in the conception and execution of the garden, whose construction is quite literally layered with the expertise of engineers, architects, gardeners, and the artist. Hayes recognizes this garden as “a long, fluid collaborative process of creating something that will evolve, adapt, change, and be cared for, revisited, and even renovated.” Hayes’s gardens and living artworks suggest a model of collectively agreed upon care for the natural world that is vital to ongoing questions of environmental consciousness and sustainability.

This unique commission is made possible by the generosity of The Trueman Family, with significant additional support from Ohio State’s office of Facilities Operations and Development.

PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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