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56 Up


Image courtesy of First Run Features

56 Up

(Michael Apted, 2012)

Fri, Apr 26, 2013 7 PM

“Brilliant! The Up Series is on my list of the ten greatest films of all time.”
—Roger Ebert

“Give me the child when he is seven and I will give you the man.” Starting in 1964 with Seven Up, The Up Series has explored this Jesuit maxim and become one of the towering achievements in the history of documentary film. The original concept was to interview 14 children from diverse backgrounds from all over England, asking them about their lives and dreams for the future. Every seven years, renowned director Michael Apted (Coal Miner’s Daughter) has been back to talk to them, examining the progression of their lives. Life-changing decisions and surprising developments are revealed when we visit cab driver Tony, schoolmates Jackie, Lynn, and Susan, and the heart-breaking Neil, as they turn 56. (144 mins., DCP)c

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