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Alamar images courtesy of Film Movement
Pedro González-Rubio, 2009

The Wind Journeys

Ciro Guerra, 2009
Thu, Jan 27, 2011 7 PM
Tonight's double feature combines the love for father and son and the final journey of an accordion player told from atop a donkey.

Winner of countless prizes at international film festivals, Alamar is a tribute to the tender bonds between father and son and a luminous love letter to the Banco Chinchorro, the largest coral reef off Mexico's coast. The deceptively simple story, poised between documentary and fiction, involves a father who has only a few months to teach his five-year-old son the traditions of Mayan life and how to live in harmony with the sea before the child goes off to Rome to live with his mother. The result is something quite complex: a breathtaking sense of place, intimate details about a way of life, and a touching relationship that develops right before our eyes. (73 mins., 35mm)

A gorgeous and emotionally satisfying road movie (told from atop the back of a donkey), The Wind Journeys follows an itinerant accordion player as he travels through the diverse and majestic landscapes of Colombia. After the death of his wife, the musician decides to give up playing and to make one last trek to return his accordion to his mentor. On the way, he encounters an enthusiastic teenager desperate to become his apprentice. The musician, hardened by a life of solitude, tries to discourage the boy from following in his footsteps, but the two end up traveling together as they discover the musical diversity of Caribbean culture. (120 mins., 35mm)

The Wind Journeys begins at 8:25 PM.

Cosponsored by Ohio State's Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Center for Latin American Studies.

ALAMAR trailer
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