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The Best of Dance@30FPS


Home Alone (Adi Halfin, 2013), photo: Zohar Ralt.
Off Ground (Boudewijn Koole, 2013), photo: Melle van Essen.
Home Alone (Adi Halfin, 2013), photo: Zohar Ralt.

The Best of Dance@30FPS

Thu, Feb 8, 2018 7 PM

For the past six years, Ohio State Department of Dance professor Mitchell Rose has organized Dance@30FPS, an annual festival of international dance films. For this year’s program, he’s curated a “Lucky 7 All-Star Show” comprised of previous winners of the audience and judge’s awards. The nine short films on view include Adi Halfin’s award-winning Home Alone, featuring the Batsheva Dance Company, and Boudewijn Koole’s Off Ground, featuring the iconic Louise Lecavalier.  (program approx. 80 mins., digital video)

(Wilkie Branson, 2010, England.)

Alt i Alt
(Torbjørn Skårild, 2003, Norway.)

Outside In
(Tove Skeidsvoll & Petrus Sjövik, 2010, Sweden.)

Off Ground
(Boudewijn Koole, 2013, Netherlands.)

Me-Story of a Performance
(Jopsu Ramu, 2013, Finland.)

Home Alone
(Adi Halfin, 2013, Israel.)

Little Ease
(Matt Tarr, 2008, USA.)

(Eve McConnachie, 2016, Scotland.)

Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Department of Dance.

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