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Best of the Ottawa International Animation Festival


Best of the Ottawa International Animation Festival
Tue, Oct 27, 2015 7 PM

Held each fall, the Ottawa International Animation Festival is the largest of its kind in North America. This traveling program includes highlights from the 2015 festival and displays the wide array of styles and subjects being explored by animators from around the world. Please note: this program includes content not appropriate for children. (approx. 60 mins., DCP)

The Five Minute Museum (Paul Bush, Switzerland, UK, 2015)—Best Experimental/Abstract Animation

Yùl et le Serpent (Yùl and the Snake) (Gabriel Harel, France, 2015)

Loop Ring Chop Drink (Nicolas Ménard, UK, 2014)—Walt Disney Animation Prize for Best Graduation Animation & Award for Best Design

Celestial Shore ‘Creation Myth’ (Angela Stempel, US, 2014)

Violet (Ryan Ines, USA, 2015) —Best Undergraduate Animation

Isand (The Master) (Riho Unt, Estonia, 2015)—Cartoon Network Prize for Best Narrative Short Animation

Pig (Steven Subotnick, US, 2015)

Unhappy Happy (Peter Millard, UK, 2015)

Small People With Hats (Sarina Nihei, UK, 2014)—Grand Prize for Best Independent Short Animation & Prize for Best Sound

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