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With Byrd at the South Pole


With Bird at the South Pole (Joseph Rucker, Willard van der Veer, 1930) Courtesy Milestone Film
With Byrd at the South Pole
Free Joseph Rucker, Willard van der Veer, 1930
Sun, Oct 21, 2001 1 PM

In its time, Byrd at the South Pole made Arctic explorer Rear-Admiral Byrd (along with his terrier, Igloo) a legend comparable to Charles Lindbergh and Babe Ruth. See it now in a stunning new digital transfer!

"Only bonafide drama and authenticity prevail...The photography is a work of art."--Variety

With Byrd at the South Pole was named one of the 10 best films of 1930 by the New York Times and won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Some 70 years later, this acclaimed documentary is being rediscovered by new audiences thanks to a stunning DVD transfer.

The film follows Rear-Admiral Richard Byrd and his establishment of the Little America base in Antarctica from 1928-30, and includes footage of his spectacular first flight over the South Pole. Part publicity stunt and part scientific milestone, With Byrd at the South Pole is generally taken to mark the end of the heroic period of Arctic expeditions. (82 mins.)

Tonight's screening is introduced by Prof. Raimund Goerler, Chief Archivist of the Byrd Polar Research Center and Assistant Director of the Ohio State University Libraries, and Lisle Rose, author of Assault on Eternity: Richard E. Byrd and the Exploration of Antarctica, 1946-47.

Copresented with Ohio State's Byrd Polar Research Center and The Ohio State University Libraries.

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